Sunday, 12 November 2017

semi abandoned cottage

I was out for a drive the other day (to see what I could see) and found the gorgeous cottage situated in about the most wonderful spot you could imagine. Great views and great location geographically speaking. Right on the edge of the plateau, so moist (unlike further west) and "very changable" atmospheric weather (ok, I mean it rains a lot)

I get the feeling it was built in stages as money arrived and needs expanded (a familiar story) and has some very interesting curved roofing over the veranda ...

From the back it was equally compelling ...

and you can see a hint of the weather I mentioned approaching. You can see (looking carefully if you load that picture up) that the back wall not only seemed to have been an internal wall at some stage, but shows sign of that same curved roof in the top of the wall over by the door.

Inside that window (in the old section) we see a little of the decay of semi-abandonment

... as it apparently still used by someone (I assume stockmen) occasionally.

Looking at the exposed tin roof, with plenty a gap, you can be sure it will be as cold as a "witches tit" in there and a place by the fire prized when the winter winds and drizzle are happening ...

Still, people were poorer then and life was tougher.

Time passes and things pass into history. Its sad to see things pass, but then that is the way of things. It is our privilege simply to witness them...

Thursday, 2 November 2017

I've warned you before...

Hey, you!

I've told you before, if I see you here again I'm going to give you a thrashing


Now to make it clear, I'm going to shit all over this motorbike so you know who's place this is...

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Radio labelled

I took the first steps yesterday on the path to determine if I am as yet clear of my 2011 gifted surgical infection.

After two uncomfortable debridment surgeries in 2012 & 2013 and constantly being on oral antibiotics since 2012, we (my specialist and I) decided to begin investigating if there was any bacteria remaining. Our plan is to see if a PET scan shows any metabolic activity that isn't mine.

So I got shot up with radio-labelled glucose and jumped into this...

Naturally I was a bit radio active for a while...

Which was kinda cool.

Will report progress.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

a Quick trip to Mount Perry

a mate of mine was recently up (from here) at Mount Perry, and I thought: "what the hell" I'll go have a look.

I've never been there (although I've been all around it by about 100Km in any direction) and so I thought I'd share some of the experience.

So, after you turn off from the main road (A3) you eventually find yourself looking at dirt ...

with some creek crossings (which may be impassable when wet).

The township of Mt Perry is nestled in a tight valley:

This is from the Western side (looking East, in the late afternoon)

It turns out there is an interesting feature just near the town, a railway tunnel was dug when there as a brief mining boom. It was cut through a hill on the way to Gin Gin, but was never used as a railway. Instead now its a road.

So I took a trip out along there to see ...

There was some nice old country "Australiana" such as abandoned schools (with cows) ...

and some nice scenery.

Eventually I got to the tunnel (which you can drive through)

Here is a quick video of going into the tunnel mouth:

In the entrance there are swallows nesting ...

but further in (in about the middle) is a colony of bent wing bats.

Attempting to focus on this swirling mass of bats was essentially a fools errand, so I took one shot with a normal lens and hoped to freeze something with that.

Which I did ... you'll notice if you load this image some discreet red circles around bats in flight. This is from the middle right, and shows what I believe to be a pair of the "bent wing" bats and I believe too, a clutch of young huddled in the roof.

As mentioned, I recorded them with my audio you can put on your headphones and enjoy the walk through the tunnel with me if you like:

I hope you enjoyed the small excursion.